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ZfP Südwürttemberg provides comprehensive psychiatric and psychosomatic care from Stuttgart to Lake Constance. There are now more than 25 locations for treatment and support services. These services have been intensively linked, regionally and supra-regionally, to ensure integrated and comprehensive psychiatric care.

ZfP Südwürttemberg is committed to all areas of society so that mentally ill patients are not excluded and can participate in everyday life. The affected persons should be able to lead a largely normal life thanks to medical, psychological, pedagogical, socio-therapeutic and rehabilitative help.

As a modern healthcare and social enterprise, more than 4,000 staff work at ZfP Südwürttemberg and it offers a number of training positions. The company is committed to its staff and their families through part-time working models, job sharing, child care and comprehensive further education and training management.

Comprehensive assistance services
ZfP Südwürttemberg presents all people affected by psychological problems with an individual assistance Service coordinated to their needs.

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