Empfangstheke in hellem holz, die abgerundet ist. Eine Mitarbeiterin nimmt eine Frau in Empfang. Beide Frauen schauen auf Dokumente auf der Theke.

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The hospital premises in Zwiefalten is idyllically situated in the foothills of the Swabian Jura in a former Benedictine abbey.

We’ve put together this site plan for you to make orientation over the extensive grounds easier. It gives you an overview of the individual buildings and lists important points of contact. The route to the various buildings is signposted on the entire site.

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Please contact the information centre in the entrance area if you have any questions. This is staffed from Monday to Friday, 7:30 am until 8:30 pm and weekends and public holidays from 10 am until 7 pm. You can reach the information centre by phone on​​​​​​
​+49 (0) 7373 10-0.

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ZfP Südwürttemberg has an integrated care network in the district of Reutlingen, allowing numerous people nearby care and support. By outsourcing wards, day clinics, psychiatric outpatient clinics, residential homes and groups to locations in Reutlingen, Münsingen and Engstingen, patients are spared long journeys, noticeably improving on-site care. Cooperation in the community psychiatric association and with numerous partners further extends the treatment and support services in the region.

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ZfP Südwürttemberg
Hauptstraße 9
88529 Zweifalten
Phone +49 (0) 7373 10-0
Fax          +49 (0) 7373 10-3409

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